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"lost in Virginia"
My son who lives out of state, recently got married ( Wife has a five year old from previous relationship) and became a father last month. Now is in prison for child abuse to his son.... My son called me several times after his son was born telling me he had taken to the hospital for things that a MOTHER would know happen with a newborn ( gas on their stomachs, stomach not agreeing with formula, etc,) Mother never said anything about this to my son being normal. Well not sure what has happened, but my son is now in prison for child abuse and I don't know what to do. I cannot afford a attorney. Need help please
posted by Pam on 1/1/2008 @6:29:09 PM •
Perhaps see if you can find an attorney who will give you a better deal, one not so costly? Also, see if you can get some information on what has happened, perhaps call the local authorities, stating who you are and where you stand in this, or if possible, visit your son.

See what you can find out before you assume things, try to find someone who can help you at a low fee.

If you're still in contact with his wife, maybe talk to her?

If you think she needs some form of help (I'm not sure of what the situation is, but being a single mother and looking after two children is a very stressful role. Perhaps see if you can go and give her a hand with things? Maybe learn her side of the story also?

I hope things work out.
posted by Cassie-annabel on 1/10/2008

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