family advice (post new situation)
i've hated my dad for a long time. hes a smoker a drinker and used to abuse my mom when i was little. and he is always annoying me bossing me around the house doing stuff he can cleary do himself. and asking me stupid questions. he is the dad that thinks he knows everything about everything. my mom, i thought i could go to her for anything and i could talk to her about stuff. but when she's around my uncles and aunts she acts like someone else and trys to be all chill and lazy about things. she always says GO WITH THE FLOW. and it annoys me when she says it. recently she got back pain and something happened with her spinal chord it hasn't gotten better but in that time i didn't talk to her because she was in pain. shes a little better now but all the medication and all the other pills shes taking that no one knows what its for i think is making her extreamly weird. she is turning physco. because she always does weird things to me and my sister and she acts annoyingly. i consider her physco. and it makes me scared that i have no parental figure in my life now. and i think this is all a game to make me depend on myself all the time. like more than getting me ready for the college life because this is just sad to me. i see all my friends have close relationships with their parents and i just wish i had that.
posted by Rachel (age 16) on 4/22/2009 @3:36:12 PM •
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