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"i feel lonely"
i moved to north carolina from california about 4 years ago. i have no family down here && i grow up around my cousins 24/7. im still in high school, but it seems like every so called friend of mine sooner or later hurts me && i find out they are the fakest thing around. i know its part of growing up, but im not close with my mom to the point where i can tell her everything thats on my mind so i have so much on my mind that i can never tell anyone i feel like im by myself, i miss my family && i really need them. i don't know what to do to just stick with it till i get out of school which is in one more year or i don't know i just feel lonely.
posted by theresa. (age 17) on 4/25/2009 @3:55:50 PM •
you know what theresa i feel the same way im not very close to my family i cant tell them anything because they turn it back on me like if im the bad one!at my moms i have always felt very lonely i didnt have nobody to turn to when i got married eveything was going so well but then it got to a point where i felt lonely i dont know what to do so just think your not the only one feeling like thos
posted by Crystal (age 18) on 4/25/2009
i know how do u feel i started living along when i was 17 when i went to anther country for better collage ... i am still there but anyway . my family was my every thing to me . and now i am living alone in anther country where i know no one and i see my family once a year .
just try to make things work ur way find friends that have the same way of thinking as u are .
join some clubs at ur school ..... find a part time job . things will come around and u will take it over from there .
and about talking to ur family use one of the IM programs all around to talk to them and see thim using the web cam i know it is not the same but it will be fun believe me .
cheer up ..... u r not alone
posted by DARKooH (age 20) on 5/4/2009

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