relationship advice (post new situation)
"what do i do?"
Me and this guy hooked up 2 months ago and he's in the army. He stays gone a lot and we can never talk cause he's always working. He's about to leave for 7 months and I'm not sure how serious he really is. Should I just tell him we need to be friends until he gets back or should we try to make it?
posted by mandi (age 20) on 4/27/2009 @9:00:02 PM •
It's your choice, But my advice is that you should be just friends with him until he comes back.
posted by David (age 25) on 4/30/2009
if you wanna keep him in your life regardless of whether he'd be a boyfriend or friend, then yes...tell him that the two of you should be friends. But lets face the honest truth here, you two have been "hooked up" for 2 months, and you didn't refer to him as your boyfriend. He's in the Army, and with the reputation military men have as far as dating is concerned, you and him will be better off as friends.
All in all, you need to be talking to him about what you are to him and if a relationship has been formed.
posted by t (age 21) on 5/4/2009

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