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Okay to start I over analyze everything and I am a very paranoid person. I also jump to conclusions often. So that probably explains everything but still I'd like some advice. Please don't be total a-holes
haha. I know itís all silliness.

I am no good when it comes to guys and flirting and dating and all that jazz. Guys are so dang confusing.

I met this guy at Walmart. The first time I did the blushing googly eye little girl thing and he was doing the eye thing too. The next time I did the small talk thing, and made my interest slightly known so did he. The next time was small talk again. The last time I got the courage to give him my number and prayed he would call me and he did. We text all night. The next morning I text him and we talked all day and I even went to his place to hang with him and his roommates. We hung out till like 1am. During that time, it was talking getting to know each other and all that good stuff. Then he got flirty, tickling and what not then we started kissing. He made the first move. We made out for a bit and I stopped it from going any further. I just met the guy. I shouldnít have even kissed him but I did. We talked a bit more then he had to go pick his friend from work. So we both left he walked me to my car gave me a hug good bye and told me to text him later. I got home and text him. here are the texts....

Me: Speed Racer ;)
Him: ha
Him: oh ya
Me: oh yeah what? Haha ;)
Him: Iím speed racer
Me: haha fo sho jk oh my goodness I look like a raccoon got ran over why didnít you tell me I look a hot mess hahaha
Him: oh your fine
Me: haha silly 
Him: sorry I went kinda crazy ha
Me:no need for sorry I did too so im the one who should say sorry. It was hot and like you said if I wanted you to stop I would have said so
Him: ya I tried to take it too far
Me:haha donít trip if I had a problem with it you would know. I kinda feel bad I stopped you. But I had to for a few reasons. I should have stopped it sooner ya know. So its my fault so donít trip haha ;)
Him: what were those prob
Me:well 1 im being visited by my little red fairy haha. 2 I just met you. One night stands arenít really my thing I mean they happen and all but I donít like them and I try not to like I said im a good girl lol if you just want to get laid just say so lol cu I can work with that haha donít take offence or anything im just saying 
Him: no I donít want to just get laid not at all k and ya I wouldnít do a one night stand im edge remember silly
Me: haha yeah I remember I was just saying  im not silly you are ;)
Him: he ya so I wouldnít want just sex k not at all I didnít even know what happened today was gonna happen
Me: I fully understand you donít have to explain yourself I believe you I was just giving you a hard time. I had no idea either haha :)

After that it was almost 4am so the messages stopped and I passed out im guessing he did to cuz he was half asleep before he picked his friend up haha. So the next day at like 4pm I text thisÖ.

Me: hi Ö
Him: hey
Me:how are you doing? I wanted to apologize for last night if I offended you or anything im so sorry I didnít mean to at all
Him:wait you didnít why would you think that
Me:I dunno I just got the feeling that I might have call me paranoid or whatever haha I just had a feeling and wanted to make sure I didnít cu that would suck lol
Him:nope I is fine
Me: haha ok good 

The messages stopped completely. I let it be for the rest of the night. I just met the guy I donít want to be pushy or clingy or stalkerish or whatever hahaha. So the next evening I textÖ..

Me: hey there cool kid haha I got the job that I applied for a few days ago. Newest part time cashier haha. Just excited I got a job finally lol so I had to tell everyone. Now that I think about it your probably working or something opps my bad super super sorry 
Him: ya im working

I am just so lost and confused. Tripping over nothing like always I know but yeah. I am kind of texting him right now but it seems a bit awkward I dunno.

WOW I am pathetic I know this. So yeah just any and all advice would be nice. Any questions ask away lol.
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Newest update...

Me: So whats exciting?
Him: Nothing much
Me: oh very awesome sounds like a ton of exctment right there lol;)
Me:oh come on it was a little funny it as least deserved a haha just kidding. so whats a cool kid like you do during the week huh? lol
Him: drum, be bored, get pissed at people that dont pay there rent and try to tell me how to spend my money
Me: drumming always fun ;) bored not so much but i kick butt at that i would so be the gold medal winner in the bored olympics haha. Uh oh not paying rent is no good and being told how to spend your own money is way no bueno. Sorry ur pissed off :/ you want me to leave you be?
Him:no its not you
Me:k good ;) i just dont want to make anything worse on accident. You better smile other wise ill make you watch lots of zombie movies lol jk jk

that was the end of it and that was the night before last. I didnt text him at all last night and he didnt text me either. I think I have pushed as far as i can...
2 hours ago

Its all up to him now I think. I dont think Imma text him until like Friday and then Ill text and be like"hey how was your week hope it got better". And if things are still suckish then thats the end whatever no biggie what so ever. Hopefully he texts me before then or things are better this weekend haha.

my friend brought up a few good points. But im not too sure about them.

1. If he wasnt interested then he wouldnt reply back to any of my texts.

Well that sounds about right but what if he is just being nice or whatever.

2. Maybe he is just really busy and stressed out so thats why he isnt texting me all that much. Sense he goes to school then to work for the rest of the night. And with his roommates not paying rent and getting to him that causes stress and what not.

I dunno what do you all think. I over think everything and like to get advice from as many people as i can. haha im a sad sad person haha
posted by Ann (age 20) on 4/29/2009 @4:40:39 PM •
A guy isn't going to text that much if he isn't interested. Just being nice would be 5 messages at much, not that many. Just leave him be for a while. Maybe he finds it difficult too.
posted by Smith (age 19) on 4/30/2009
Ann, I think you are making yourself too available. Unless he has made the effort to text you. Thats the biggest mistake us women make. Your friend is kinda right about him replying to you but it seems like that guy was just being the nice guy. Just let things die down, and quit being the one to text him first. You're being too available. But if you must text him, send funny text or something of the sort. Guys don't like so much intensity so early on.
posted by t (age 21) on 5/4/2009

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