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"lonely mom"
I have a couple of close friends, but it always seems like i'm the one who calls them. And it's usually because they need someone to unload on. I understand the need for a good vent as well as the next person, but why can't they call sometime to ask how my week's going, or something?
I just want a friend who's a friend for me, not just for what I can do for them!
posted by Ruth on 1/1/2008 @9:30:58 PM •
i think your situation is very common. actually, i think most people have this problem. i know as i get older, the less friends i talk to. i got to the point where i just stopped calling them. then i kinda had the upper hand. i wouldn't worry- most every person has this to happen to them.
posted by sara on 1/5/2008

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