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well me and my friend have been best friends for 3 years but then this other girl came along and then all of a sudden my friend and i statrted fighing more and then next thing u no we havent talked in a month in a half now and i just feel like this one girl ruined my whole friend ship with my old best friend and she was the closest friend i have ever had and i try and try to be her friend but in the end everytime it never works out but i just really miss being her friend so much what should i do?
posted by Allison (age 13) on 4/30/2009 @4:05:08 PM •
i had this problem when i was 15 .
and all what i can say is just be a good friend , just start it all over .
and just talk to her . let her know that u still want to be friends
that will help believe .
if u 2 were that close , she will want to get back at been best friends .
i always fight with my best friend and we do not talk for like a month or something .... but after this we forget about all of that .
we have been friends for like 13 years now ... and we still fight other silly things . like a video games .

i think u get the idea lol .... anyway .
i hope every thing work out with ur friend .
posted by DARKooH (age 20) on 5/4/2009

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