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i am going out with this guy that i really like. but he keeps hanging out wiht 2 of my ex boyfriends, a girl that used to be my best friend now we are just friends but me and her arent aloud to hang out becuz her mom doesnt like me. on friday night she told my best friedn which is my boyfriends sister that my boyfriend tried kissing her but she pulled away. idk who to believe my boyfriend says that he loves but he has said that to every girl that hes gona out with. i love them both so much and they both say that they dont like eachother as more than friends and my boyfriend swore to god last nite that he doesnt like her and that he only loves me. but i dont know if i can beleive him becuz they are always talking or hanging out. i just dont know who to trust or who tot believe anymore. wat should i do?
posted by care bear on 5/3/2009 @2:42:19 PM •
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