life advice (post new situation)
"i will die alone "
i am 20 years old guy that did not have any girlfriend for like the last 20 years ..... so u can say my whole life .
and i do not know but when it come to all of this time with out a girlfriend u get that it is you.
so i guess i am just a loser and i will die alone...
and do not give me this crap about there is some one for every one thing .......
i tried every thing i do not even remember having a girl as a normal friend .
and i am 20 now do not know anything about dating for how to be in relationship . so even if i got a relationship it will be4 it start .
......... i am not good looking .... not that fun ...... not even rich .....
i do not know ..... maybe i just should go fine some place to w8 for death
and just forget about all of this ....
............ and plz do not make fun of me i had enough .
posted by noneeee (age 20) on 5/4/2009 @8:17:36 PM •
For many years I've been like this... I've been where your at where you want someone anyone who'd actually give a crap. I have been broken to much and I feel like it's better to have not had someone to steal your feelings up into the heavens and then slam it with a boulderright into the ground. You may think your not good looking or whatever but looks don't matter change your personality around make it more fun and more interesting. To me looks are over rated someone could look totally innocent and be a total rude guy or girl. Don't seem to desperate in life for someone wait for a little bit before ever deciding death because if you do kill yourself there could of been someone looking for you all along...
posted by Simone (age 17) on 5/7/2009
watcha homeboy i use to be like you but you just got to beur self you know start going out if you dont study how we have fun and wat the girls like and change to that remember girls like guys for who they are not for wat they look like well atlest not mine but simon homie
posted by enrique (age 16) on 5/8/2009

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