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"who the babydaddy"
ok well im in a relations ship right now ive been datin him for about a year and half but been together together for 2months this happed bout a month a go but anywho when we first started talking i didnt take it as serious as i do now bc at first he wasnt really acting liek he wanted to be serious and now u can just tell and i made a huge mistake and slept with an x and the condom broke and now idk what to do bc im late and im just prayin i get ma period but how do i tell ma bf in fact i am that it may not be his ?? or should i tell him at all the other guy and i talked and he said he would pay for an abortion but i just dont believe in that but i dont wanna loose ma bf i love him so much and made a terrible mistake HELP!!!
posted by dezzzeray (age 19) on 5/5/2009 @1:06:48 AM •
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