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"Fathers Rights Suggestions!"
A LEGAL QUESTION RE: FATHERS RIGHTS! My son is a 27 year old single father of a 4 yr. old. He has had a big fight in court, just to get some of his fathers rights..(that is when he had an attorney). Unfortunately, that attorney did not do her job and did not get a decent parenting agreement, as promised! The mother of child is always doing what ever she chooses, despite the 50/50 joint custody! The attorney ripped us off as she was to take care of all the loose ends and geta decent "agreement" that covered everything needed, to avoid future problems w/the other side! Since we are facing court again, I feel that I need to contact the prior attorney and tell her that she owes us etc.! Do you have any experience in fighting the other side, getting a parenting agreement, going to court w/o an attorney, having help by an attorney for free, etc.? Any advice is great!
posted by Kat on 1/1/2008 @11:22:43 PM •
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