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"Hurt "
Okay I'm a lesbian and on Saturday I cheated on my girlfriend but I didnt mean for it to happen and it was killing me inside and I told her last nite and she was very hurt be worked it to being that we would be friends and work on our problems then she got mad at me today and that if we cant be together then we wont have no relationship she doesnt understand its very hard I have a problem and I know this but im struggling I need some type of help some one help me
posted by Toni (age 19) on 5/5/2009 @10:45:48 AM •
I too am a lesbian I've never cheated I never will. I believe if you think you have a problem you should seek counseling. Though it's not the best but it does help. I've been cheated on and it hurts a lot. Just let her cool down make an effort to tell her that your sorry and if she truely loves you she'll forgive you.
posted by Simone (age 17) on 5/6/2009

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