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"my "husband""
i am 23 years old, and i live with the father of my son, who is now 2 months old. i love my "husband" (i use quotes because we're not married yet) i love him very much. from the beggining, i have always done everything i can for him to feel good with me, even when it comes to sex, but now, after everything that i do, he doesnt seem to care much. he's not really caring, no hugs, kisses, not even a kind word. he says he loves me, but he just feels soo cold. like he has no feelings whatsoever. i just wish he was more caring, and sometimes i feel like its never going to happen. what should i do. i dont know what to do. does he really love me, what can i do to get him to open up to me??
posted by unloved (age 23) on 5/6/2009 @11:45:38 AM •
you probably dont wanna hear my advice because im younger but ive been in the same situation to.He is only treating you the way he does because he knows you love him and you would do anything for him.So if he's not showing you any kind of affection let him go start dating somebody else not calling him or picking up the phone only have conversations about the baby. If he really does love u completely let him go he will come back.
posted by beauty (age 18) on 5/8/2009
wat i think you should do and i tell this to everybody is wat you just told everybody tell him instead that whole paragragh show it to him and see wat he has to say about it
posted by enrique (age 16) on 5/8/2009

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