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im in a project group consisting of 5 people. Ive been working with them for the last couple of months (9-10months). I do not have any individual conflicts with them, I am the kind of person who can not say the truth straight to their face, eg: theyre very-very lazy, but i just cant say that to their face. I prefer enduring all the work by myself.

However, in my current situation, enduring the workload of supposed to be 5 people, I can not handle it anymore. I have important things to handle (planning for my internship, I have to study in other country), and this project group is not lifting even one finger to help me. I dont have the heart to say it straight to them because they are such good friends (outside schoolwork).

I have consulted with the teacher in charge, and he already knew that I am doing all the work. So he also suggested that I go to anotheer group which consisted of four people and will gladly accept me as one of their group member.

the problem is how can I tell my old group that I am moving to another group? telling them in a nice way, I know what ever decision I made they have to accept it. But I need the "excuse", I cant just say "because all of you guys are darn lazy, im gonna move to another group."

Replies will greatly appreciated.

posted by Suminah (age 19) on 5/6/2009 @12:39:04 PM •
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