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"Screwy situation"
I am 19 years old and I have a baby with my girlfriend who is 17. I moved down to Texas to work with my dad and eventually have them come down too but just yesterday my girlfriend and talked about giving our son to my sister who is honestly the best mother I know. But now I'm stuck in Texas with a job I hate and everyone telling me not to go back but I don't want to be a fire alarm technician for the rest of my life and I know if i stay here that will never happen and everyone is telling me to just find another girl but I can't just forget about the girl I love....What should I do?
posted by Kevin (age 19) on 5/11/2009 @8:13:25 PM •
you really have to follow your heart. if your sister is better prepared to be a parent now, that may be a good choice for you guys. just think of what's best for the baby. and also, that would keep the baby in the family and you would be able to see and watch him grow. that's really cool that you guys are recognizing that the baby may have more opportunities with your sister. lots of people are just too selfish to think like that.

also, no one else has to live your life, so don't let them make decisions for you. obviously you have a good head on your shoulders and can make good decisions without everyone else's input. if it doesn't feel right to live in texas, don't. and if you love this girl, go for her. you are young, and if you make a bad decision or change your mind, you can learn from that and move on with your life. no big deal.

good luck to you! :)
posted by hannah (age 25) on 5/12/2009

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