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"sons wedding"
My son was married yesterday, I have no problems with the bride, but her mother treated me and my family badly at the wedding. We (the grooms family) took care of all the food for the reception but the brides mother wanted us to serve everyone and in general be the "help" she was heard making comments such as we ruined her daughters (second) wedding. The bride and groom never heard any of this. Should I tell my son what happened all I've done is cry since it happened.
posted by Kim on 5/17/2009 @11:46:21 PM •
it sounds like her mother may be a little bit on the rude side! i don't think i'd mention anything to your son. as long as your son was happy with the wedding, then who cares what some rude lady thought? you definitely shouldn't. people do mean things sometimes, but... i just do my best to avoid those people. no need to spread the wealth when it comes to that lady's meanness.
posted by jon on 5/18/2009

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