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"Nice Guy Confused"
I learned a long time ago the nice guy thing doesn't work in my favor for many things, but I would like to think that a nice guy can get through life with some expectation of happiness. Recently I have been trying to adapt my nice guy attitude to step up my game a bit. I mean it's not bad, and no one can tell me that. I had recently thought this one girl was interested, but after awhile I am not so sure.... I mean she doesn't hate me. I just have no idea what to make of how she is acting. before I thought otherwise there were friends of mine who from what I told them thought she was interested. I have two options with this situation. I could just move on and try my luck with other girls. There might be a chance with her still. I don't know myself. So, should I stick it out and try with this girl or should I cut my losses call her a friend and continue trying my feeble attempts and getting a girl as the reasonably nice guy

P.S. (I am not dense I don't do the whole idiot nice guy routine.... I don't let girls abuse my friendship I am just really really confused help is appreciated)
posted by Zak (age 19) on 5/20/2009 @7:38:35 PM •
so, here's the deal. i'm an amazing guy (not trying to be conceded, but i know it) and i'm confident in it. i'm not a jerk, i don't disrespect. i am the run of the mill nice guy, just like you.
the way i find to attract the opposite sex is the following:
1. CONFIDENCE! but some girls dig the Unsure male, and maybe you are trying to attract the kind of girl who like that. but the majority of the female population love a confident guy. i know that we are all unsure and clumsy, but as long as you keep face, you should be fine.
2. keep up the good work with being a nice guy. EVERYONE loves a friendly, nice, reliable guy. the girls who want this kind of person in your life will let you know. just make sure that you stick with it and be the great guy you are.
3. BE OUTGOING. don't be afraid to put your self out there, take chances and get your hands messy. i mean the worst thing that can ever happen is they say No, or ignore you. and if this happens, you don't want that kind of person in your life anyway.
4. Keep your Options open. i find that if i'm talking to multiple people at once, and make sure that they know that your hanging out with different people. keep them at the "friends with intent to progress" stage. be flirty, and let them know that your there for them.

just remember that no matter how many times you get rejected, there are that many more out there that will accept you. trust me, there are way more attractive nice girls out there than this world leads us to believe.

good luck kiddo!
hopefully this helps
posted by jason (age 22) on 5/21/2009

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