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"Led on"
So I recently liked a guy and he told me he liked me back but then all of a sudden he started acting different around me and says he doesnt like me like he said he did. Everytime I see him I instantly think back to how things were between us and makes me realize that I still have feelings for him. He won't give me the time of day anymore but I want there to be another chance.
posted by Marisa (age 19) on 5/20/2009 @9:45:12 PM •
this is a classic case.
so the way i see it, 1 of a few things happened.
either he learned something different about you that he found unattractive.
or he found someone else he would rather be with.
or he's just a stupid boy that doesn't know what he wants.
either way, you should just forget you ever met him and move on.
there are way better people in this world, and way too many to dwell on one in particular.
forget about him and move on. trust me.
posted by jason (age 22) on 5/21/2009

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