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so, the other day, i spent the day with this girl who just.. well, she's everything i've always wanted in a girlfriend. she loves everything i love, does the things i do and is just beautiful beyond words. i mean, the way i see it, we're perfect for each other. she lives about 20 minutes away, so it's not like i can see her everyday, or pick her up for lunch. so my problem is, i'm crushing on this girl pretty bad. and i get the feeling that she may like me back. but she made it pretty clear that she's not looking for anything serious right now. making it crystal clear that she want's to be Just Friends (GHA! i hate just friends!). not only that but she's full time student and full time employee. so, she doesn't have a ton of time, and when she does have time, she spends it w/ her girl friends.
what can i do? i want to spend more time with her. i want to date her. please help.
posted by jason (age 22) on 5/21/2009 @2:42:59 AM •
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