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"Long Distance Relationship"
I live in CA and my b/f lives in St. Croix. Well, there was a traveling nurse who moved into his complex all of the sudden he cannot handle the distance. He broke it off with me, but when she hurt him and they "temporarily broke up" he called me and we are trying to make it work. Than he told me that he loves her but is in love with me. He said I am the girl for him but I am not there so he needs somebody. He stated that he sees a future together with me.
I know he loves me and I love him, I really do. What is he doing? He knows he has hurt me, he asked for forgiveness..but he hardly calls me anymore. I know they are sleeping with one another and he gave her a bracelet just like the one he gave me. He also gave her the keys to his place but he said it was for convinence...he really feel head over heels for her but now I wonder what does he want with me. He told me today he needs me in his life.
posted by Billie (age 37) on 5/21/2009 @10:57:34 PM •
Im only 14 but, i think i can help. I think you should stay away from him for awhile, i mean if he doesnt call you that often why should you put all that effort towards him when you could be using that effort to a man who only gives you a bracelet. you should go find a new man, if things dont work out, you always have that guy to go back to. He will always love you. no matter what.
posted by Becca on 5/24/2009

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