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"Want to move to Texas!!"
Hey I'm Brad, and I'm 17 years old. Im in gr.12 and I'm being forced to pick a college/university. I have hopes of going to university in Texas, however I don't have the requirements to get into any college/university in America since they write S.A.T's and we don't. My parents want me to go to college in Canada. I don't mind it except for the fact, I really want to move to texas. So my question is,When would be a good time to move? After or before college. And where do you think I should stay? I've tried asking these questions to my parents, but they think i'm silly, and it's just phase!
posted by Brad on 1/2/2008 @10:29:41 PM •
i say to go for it! you need to make decisions for yourself. you can always decide to go back home. that would be a big move, so just make sure you are ready to be away from your family. it's not like you can't visit or anything. i think it's really cool that you want to study elsewhere. make yourself happy so you don't regret not going later in life.
posted by me on 1/5/2008

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