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"Middle school."
Well, im in middle school, and theres this boy, tall, tan and really cute. He wants to "hang out" with me tomorrow. I feel like he is using me, but i really like the kid, he likes me too. But he also has a girlfriend..
posted by Becca on 5/24/2009 @10:12:33 AM •
i think you should let him hang out with u...
if u really like the guy then hide your feelings first and when he feels really comfortable around you(like tells you secrets and stuff) you should ask him about his girlfriend. if he tells u good stuff about how the relationship is going then you move on. If he tells you the bad stuff, then ask him if he likes you.. i'm in middle school too and i've been there..
posted by keanna s. (age 13) on 6/2/2009

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