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"Problem for me"
Me and my boyfriend broke up for 3 days in january but the whole time we were still talking, he broke up with me, and the next day in school i had a field trip so i wasn't there to even talk things over. I didn't understand why he hurt me like that, he said he loved me and then broke my heart.

So the next day in school I tell all my trustees and they're about ready to cut his throat...I was in pain but I didn't want them messing with him. So on the bus I txt'd my friend who was at school to tell him I wanted to talk to him.

She told him but by the end of the day I got home and wanted nothing to do with him. He ended up calling me and we talked and me being the sweet girl that I am tried to understand where he was coming from.

He was lost. He's never felt so strongly about anyone in his life, and thought that what if I wasn't the right girl for him, what if the right one was out there somewhere else and he was just wasting his time with me. That hurted but I being me, tried to help him out. I told him if that was how he felt then I'm letting him go so he can find out.

He got mad at me because he says...what if you are the right girl for me? And I'm just like well than you have to say with me to fine out. He was getting mad at me because I was telling him all the right things, being a good person and not stopping him from letting go.

So things cooled down and we stopped arguing as much and he told me something that hurt'd me. We hadn't even been broken up 24hours yet. He had 3girls already waiting to get with. And some girls number from the bus stop. I cried. But being me I decidedthat I was going to help him get this new girl he found attractive during the summer program.

I told him I would be like his big sister slash friend with benefits ...I just didn't want to lose him, but I knew how to get him back and that's why I was doing this.I was going to help him be almost the perfect guy for this girl, and make him realize that she wasn't even the one. The friend he's had all along (me) was! He would say I don't want to hurt anyone like I hurtd you again, feeling guilty and things like that.

So I told him to get the girls number and he couldn't it was like fate standing in his way, preventing it. No one had her number. This is day 2 by the day 3 saturday and after all the talking we had done and all the pain i hadn't shown I was dying inside, everything made me cry, even happy songs, but so

we are talking on the fone and i play this song and he listens to it and i guess things connected in his head, idk but now that i think about it im going to ask him...but he had apologize for everything and blah blah blah we got back together.

So school came along and I told him to show me the girl he thought was attractive and I just wanted to kill her then , and make her life miserable, girl has nothing on me but he then thought so and that hurtd. All my friends agreed. So weeks it bothered me, i finally crashed and asked him what it was about her and he told me and i kinda hated him for that. So everytime I saw her in school and he was around i would look at him just to see if he would look at her.he didn't know i was doing that though.

The thing that actually bothered me about seeing her in school was he found her appealing when we broke up and tried to make a pass. The
fact that I know her face still kills me. It doesn't really bother me as much anymore because He CAME TO HIS SENSES.

But the thing here is today she walked by while we were at my locker and he was on my right side and was walking toward his way but not near him, I saw her and looked at him to see if he was looking back.

He asked me why you look back at me. I said why you look at me to throw things off, and I said I can't look at you and he all playfully said no and I'm putting my stuff in my bookbag and thinking you know exactly why I looked at you. I told he like maybe 2 or 3 months ago that I use to do that.sO im thinking im pretty sure you know why. And he makes this face like are you testing me, what is going now my

mood is all down and on the ride home i wouldn't even look at him because im trying to figure out why barely 2percent of me won't let that go. Or trust him on it. Every other girl in the world doesn't bother me but this one still does.

I don't know what to do

posted by Jasmine (age 16) on 5/29/2009 @1:44:03 PM •
posted by l on 6/2/2009

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