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"Greener pastures"
I am currently in a failing relationship that has just reached its one year mark. About a month ago, my girlfriends lease was up in her apartment. Hoping that us living together would help our relationship grow stronger, I suggested for her to move in with me in my new apartment. After a few weeks passed, our problems continued and even got worse. Eventually I became so fed up that I decided to meet somone else. After doing so, I discovered this new woman and I have so much in common and we are so compatable on many different levels. More than me and my current girlfriend! My dilemma is how do I tell my current live in girlfriend that I do not want to be with her anymore and I would like for her to move out as soon as possible? It is easy for me to just say I want her to leave, but Im not sure if she even has anywhere to go. My love has faded for her, but I still have a heart and dont wanna see her out on the streets.
posted by Nic (age 30) on 5/30/2009 @10:05:22 PM •
i gotta have a pretty screwed up situation. i think that you just need to be honest with her and not make it any worse. tell her that there is just nothing there anymore and you;re sorry. and of course do this in person...unless you wanna be a complete **** and call her:] lol. but set her down tell her and then tell her she can stay there untill she finds a new place to stay. its the least you can do. and if she brings it up, just say okay we are not talking about feelings for you just faded. and she cant stay there for THAT long. so dont freak out. help her find new places. but this all applys to if shes not a psycho and wont kill you in your sleep and if you're not gonna bring the new girl home and bang her bc i dont think your ex would like that:] lol.

hope i helped:]
posted by amber (age 13) on 6/17/2009

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