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"Married, but"
I am married for less than 2 years, we dated for a few years prior. I met him in high school, freshman year in college I got pregnant and did "the right thing"; got married. We fight a lot and are kind to each other but we both aren't really in love, i just know it. He is a great father and person, i just don't love him. Do I stay or do I get a chance at TRUE love?
posted by lacy (age 21) on 6/1/2009 @2:45:58 PM •
try marriage counsellors because dude, you already brought a KID into the world. try to fix and work at it. thats what marriage is. but work at it hard everyday and think about the kid. im a child with divorced parents and my father lives in california and i hardly see him. try for the kid. thats my scar. the fact that i dont get to have a happy family like all my friends. be the girl you were when you first met. try to find that old "spark". go on a vacation..just you and him.


its all you can do...

hope i helped:] i hope the best for you guys.
ill pray for you.
have a good one.:]
posted by amber (age 13) on 6/17/2009

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