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"not enough sex"
i am 31 and he is 49 im in my prime i want to have sex he says hes not that sexual any more i beg to differ because i know if someone new came in his face he would jump for it we have been together for 7 years and now he wants to marry me but i cant stand to be sexually fustrated most of time its like the only time we have sex is when im threating to have sex with some one else i dont cheat i just have him i masturbate so much i cant even get off on that any more because its not what i want i consistantly tell him hes cheating because i dont understand im young i have a sexy looking body and a pretty face what mre could he want and a good personality
posted by melanie on 1/2/2008 @10:49:33 PM •
sounds to me like you are in an unhealthy relationship. also, you probably need to stay away from all of the self pleasure. i see it like you getting a new car. you get a new car, then a couple months later, your car isn't good enough for you anymore and you want another. so you get a newer, more expensive car. after a couple more months, that car just doesn't do it for you anymore either. eventually, you will either run out of cars or money and just have to stop the cycle on your own. i hope that makes sense. just apply that to your sex life. something wasn't good enough, so instead of just rolling with the punches, you revert to something else. at first, it works perfectly for you, but then it doesn't work anymore. eventually, you are going to have to just stop or you will never ever be satisfied. i know it's probably harder than it sounds, but it's just not healthy. BUT if this guy is wonderful for you (other than the sex part), you will do it, no matter what it takes.
posted by karen on 1/5/2008

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