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There's this girl I'm heavily in love with and it's just it hurts me when she puts on her e-mail sites that she's "single" I know she's not and she knows it too... She says a whole bunch of things like:
My brother has an account and if he see's that then I'm screwed or
My friends did it not me or
Someone must of found out my password and e-mail
So there's excuses that she makes and every time there is something like that it's never her fault... She acts suspicious around me a lot and I start to wonder. She texts other people when she's with me and refuses to tell me who they are... It really disappoints me and it upsets me a lot I can't help but feel neglected by her and not trustworthy. I don't know what else to do I'm panicking I'm getting violent mood swings and I'm almost on the verge of suicide. I love this girl more than anything I don't want to lose her!
posted by Simone (age 17) on 6/4/2009 @2:48:35 PM •
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