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"does he like me?"
so i am 19 years old and at school there is this guy i like and he is really quiet. And maybe a couple of days ago i requested him on myspace lol n i sent him a message saying we should hang out sometime so he just read it n denied me so i figured rejected right...sooooooo now he stares a lot n looks over a lot so i dont know whats up with that n he sits in the desk in front of me and he looks 2 da right n i can c him looking at me with the corner of his eye it trips me out! n like 2day in skool i was kickin it with some ppl n he comes over n when he sees im there he just turns bak n walks away. I also know that he has checked me out. Hes not cute though i just find something in him something really attracts me you know.... so does he hate me? or what?
posted by Tina (age 19) on 6/4/2009 @7:28:02 PM •
So here's what I think maybe he likes you and doesn't want you to know about it. He's probably playing hard to get? Next time maybe ask him about stuff in life find out his interests and who exactly he is.
posted by Simone (age 17) on 6/5/2009
he might be chicken or playing hard to get keep talking to him c whats up and everything he migh just be overly shy
posted by JESSICA (age 15) on 6/9/2009
i think its like he has thought about you but doesnt have enough effort to TRY to hang out. i say dont waste your time with him. he is just another guy to go through so you can find the one you'll marry. but dont worry about it. you're 19...have fun! dont stress about it.

hope i helped:] hope you make the right choice:]
posted by amber (age 13) on 6/17/2009

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