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Hi. I don't have any huge problems, I just never seem to be really happy. I get in huge fights with my mom. Not violent but she always ends up crying and i always feel lik ****. Then my dad comes home and sides with her and she says stuff lik "how could be be so cruel. You're a nasty cruel person." and i really hate her. then its not so bad and we get in another fight. they rnt so bad just rlly often. everyday. i thought about running away but i realize thats not going to work. i just want my own life. i want some space or im gunna crack apart. i want something different. and fresh and clean; just start over. i hav rlly good grades and good friends. i just dont wanna ruin it b/c im miserable. ive never done anything lik this b4, but i figured id giv it a try. i want some advice about how 2 live w/o blowing up.
posted by Emily (age 15) on 6/5/2009 @11:48:48 PM •
okay, so you're 15 and its that teenage thing that ALLL girls have. dont freak out. whatever the fights are about..
just say "okay". you're not gonna mean it of course, lol, but it will get her off your back. its like how a pregnant is always "right" and the husband is always "wrong". just back off. and think about it this'll be out in just a couple of years. just back off and say okay. lol. dont even TRY to deal with it.

its good you cared enough about it though to ask for advice.

i hope i helped:] best wishes:]
posted by amber (age 13) on 6/17/2009

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