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ok so i met this guy a few weeks ago and like him alot but then all of a sudden he stopped talkin to me, so i tried to forget about him deleted pics of us started talkin to othe guys, wel today he txted me, said his phone went swimmin, and he just got a new on, he also said he emailed me on myspace to tell me, but i never got the email, and i dont know if i should believe him and give him a second chance or not.... but then theres this other guy i met and i really like him to i havent dated him or nehthing and i kinda want to give him a chance too....i just dont know what i should do...if u can please help me out, i would really appreciate it.... thank u!
posted by Jessica (age 19) on 6/7/2009 @6:44:52 PM •
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