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OK there is this guy his name is brandon and i liked and he asked me to a dance and i said yes so that started us going out but we had to keep it a secret because i wasnt allowed to date and neither was he PARENTS any way i liked him he liked me we talked on the phone like every day and i would tell him everything bout my friends and we were relly close but then he stoped calling and i was to chicken to call (you know what i mean grls) and i did not know we didnt talk then i finally broke up with him just cause i didnt feel any thing any more but now its been awhile any that feeling is comeing back idk what to do and im not sure if he likes me still im just so confused he is so sweet and i like that he likes me or used to for myself
posted by Jessica (age 13) on 6/9/2009 @12:01:16 AM •
okay. i know exactly what you mean. okay well, with guys..they get bored realllyy easy. i had this thing going on with this guy and i broke up with him for the same reason..well its been awhile now but right after i broke up with him, i missed him and blablabla and it progressed for like 4 months. you'll miss him for a couple more months but for me...i had a dream about my guy and i woke up and realized i felt absolutely NOTHING for him anymore. no hurt. no guilt. no nothing. and i realized i had forgot alll about him bc i just slowlyyy got distracted. it'll happen. this is just the cycle of break ups. hang in there:] hope i helped:] good luck;]
posted by amber (age 13) on 6/17/2009

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