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"Parental Control"
I'm about to be 23 and have been dating a guy for almost a year now. He has been married twice and has a little girl. My parents don't want me to date him and they say they will never accept him. I pretty much just want to hear some outsiders oppinion on the situation
posted by Diane on 1/3/2008 @10:46:07 PM •
i have been in almost the same situation for almost two years. all in all the only big difference is my bf doesn't have any kids. he is my most favorite person in the world. i refuse to cave in and get rid of an awesome guy just to satisfy my family. i am more happy now than ever. i refuse to give that up for someone else. don't let anyone determine your life except you. no one else has to live your life but you. don't allow people to make you miserable just because they choose. GOOD LUCK!!!!
posted by me on 1/5/2008

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