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hi my name is zhanna im so confused okay i been with my man almost 5year it was good we lived to gethrer then last 2 years we had ups downd fight to much but didnt want to let each other go we love and was use to each other had fun and bad times and he started cheating claimd he didnt but thats life sum times well we broke up in feb7,09 its been like 5 months we been apart and he wont pick up my phone call or any thing but do call out the blue like mothers day and stuff he said he was sick of me fighting with him and we will never be nothing more but friend,but use to really never wanet to let each other go so what do u think is he just taking time and will be back in my life? or thats it?my daughter calld him daddy he loved her like his olne i dont know?and i cry bout it every day he was good man it just took me this lond to realize and if i knew the things i know now he wold this be here do u think he will let go 5years for the 5 months who ever he with or just taking time and will be back?
posted by zhanna (age 24) on 6/14/2009 @6:45:46 PM •
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